Electrical Technology Department


Nowadays, modern technology in the local country is being progressed while electronics devices are becoming more and more widely used. It is important to be systematically well-educated about electrical technology for the purpose of using these devices safety. You gotta see that technology means a place of teaching the practical /career means a place of teaching technology. There is a hope for everyone to know that technology and career are connected in vice versa. As a developing country, electrical technology is vital in Myanmar. So, it is appropriate for students to choose Electrical Technology (ET).

The advantages of attending an Electrical Technology course are :

  • Being able to use electrical safety yourself
  • Being able to use electricity in your home with discipline
  • Being able to repair and install electrical cases in your home by yourself
  • Around you, being able to share electrical knowledge of what to do and not to do
  • Being able to provide job opportunities to young people around you
  • Being able to stand as a professional engineer for the benefit of the country

Job opportunities by attending Electrical Technology course are :

  • Being able to house electrical wiring
  • Being able to operate motor winding
  • Being able to do transformer coil operation
  • Being able to work in factories
  • Being able to open your own electronics store
  • Being able to repair and install electrical equipment
  • Being able to work as a teacher who can teach practical subjects in Government Technical High School

The subject of Electrical Technology is now divided into three sections.

  1. Teaching
  2. Practice
  3. From time to time, we make connections with outside workplaces.

As for teaching,  we are currently teaching first year and second year courses. The duration of the course is Two years. After the first year you have to practice outside for one month. After the second year, you have to practice outside for one month, too.

In the first year, major and minor subjects must be taught.

Minor subjects are :

  1. Myanmar
  2. English
  3. Mathematics
  4. Chemistry
  5. Physics

 Major subjects are :

  1. Electrical Principles
  2. Electrical Installations
  3. Drawing

 In the second year, major and minor subjects must be taught.

 Minor subjects are :

  1. English
  2. Mathematics

Major subjects are :

  1. Electrical Drives and Machines
  2. Electrical Automation and Control

The first year practical training is:

  1. Begin to learn the basics of electrical terminology and terminology and learn the basics of house wiring in detail.
  2. Learn about home appliances ( rice cookers, heaters, kettle, stoves, Cooking pot )

The second year practical training will be:

  1. Motor rewinding, industrial motor control
  2. You must learn transformer windings

The course of offered by the Electrical Technology Training Department are:

     Course Name : House Electrical Wiring ( Short Course in School)

     Course Name : House Electrical Wiring (Short course out-of-school)

     Duration of Training : One Month

This is the 17th time in a week that we have been teaching in school/ out of school practice .

In conclusion, I would like to say that by attending the Electrical Technology (ET) courses, you will inevitable become a brilliant and reliable electrical engineer for the benefit of your community/ country.

List of Staff of Electrical Technology Department

1Daw Ni Ni LwinAssociate Professor
2Daw San Wai Aung
3Daw Win Win Khaing
Assistant Lecture
4Daw Kay Thew Shwe
Laboratory Technician -1
5Daw Kyi Kyi KhaingTutorBE(EP)
6Daw Khine War Tun
TutorBE (EP)
7U Kaung Si ThuLaboratory Technician -4
8Daw Zin Mar SoeLaboratory Technician -4
9U Chan Nyein LinnLaboratory Technician -5GTHS (ET)