Academic Department

Department of Literature

The department of literature is comprised of Myanmar, English, Mathemati cs, Physics and Chemistry. All these subjects are designed in relevant to the engineering subjects. With the purpose to produce outstanding engineering students, these subjects are also intended to develop critical thinking of students in order to apply their knowledge in the practical field. Lesson plans for all subjects are systematically drawn for the effective learning process of students.

Literature for the development of the students

  • Asking Questions
  • Examining Tutorial/assignments
  • Encouraging to ask questions to each other
  • Conducting competitions in groups

Question Type

Type (I) Testing the students’ understanding on lessons

Type (II) Testing the students’ problem solving skills

Type (III) Testing the students’ analytical skills by connecting the literature with the major subjects.

Type (IV) Testing the students’ critical thinking by applications of the literature on the practical field.

Type (V) Assessment to the student’s activities through groups: helping each other; developing the team spirit.

The department not only puts great effort to produce the outstanding students through providing effective learning process but also improves the teacher’s efficiency and proficiency through knowledge sharing.

Interactive learning platform between teacher and students in accord with the new education system

The following benefits will be gained through interactive learning platform between teachers and students;

  • Making IT more inspired
  • Saving Time
  • Making the relevant subject more inspired

Moreover, it also makes great contribution to the student-centered learning process.

In addition, teachers also keep on their continuous learning process:

  • Learning through online
  • Working out on work sheet and job sheet
  • Learning to use the relevant software in solving the new problems relating to the respective subjects
  • Collecting useful data from the practical sites in order to provide students information relating to their future workplace.


List of Staff of Academic Department


1 Daw Thin Thin Aye
Associative Professor
M.Sc (Math;)
2Daw Sandar Nwe
Associative ProfessorM.A ( Myan;)
3Daw Khin Thida Soe
Associative ProfessorM.Sc (Chem;)
4Daw Ei Ei Han
Associative ProfessorM.Sc (Phy;)
5Daw Thinzar Lwin
M.A ( Eng;)
6Daw Zin Mi Htwe
B.A ( Eng;)
7Daw OhmarLecturerB.A ( Eng;)
8Daw Pan Nu Thway
M.A ( Myan;),M.Res
9Daw Thin Thin Oo
M.Sc (Math;)
10Daw Aye Nyein Thida
M.Sc (Phy;)
11Daw Su Myat NoeAssistant LecturerM.Sc(Math;)
12Daw Thet Thet MonAssistant LecturerM.E.S.P
13Daw Khin Myat ThuTutorM.Sc (Phy;)